Over 140 Americans die each day from an opioid overdose.

With accurate in-field testing, we can reduce the number of unnecessary deaths.

Synthetic affinity reagents for rapid drugs of abuse testing.

The COVID pandemic has changed the landscape for illicit drugs use. The USA and Canada are currently facing a tidal wave of drug abuse challenges, with record numbers of people dying both from illicit drug use and misuse of prescription drugs, particularly opioids. Emerging drugs such as fentanyl are easy to obtain, have elevated potency 50-100 fold greater than heroin and are both more addictive and lethal as a result. 

One of the key challenges is rapid mobile testing. Many existing reagents require significant instrumentation and are not portable, therefore cannot be used quickly or easily during law enforcement traffic stops or as part of impairment testing in the workplace. MIP Discovery is developing research grade reagents for evaluation by partners working in the field of drugs of abuse testing. 

By increasing the number of regulated tests that can be conducted in a safe and effective manner through law enforcement, occupational health and other fields, we believe that the tide of misery and death caused by illicit drugs can be reversed.

Fentanyl Seized by CHP Enough to Kill Entire Population of San Francisco Nearly 3 Times Over
Fentanyl Seized by CHP Enough to Kill Entire Population of San Francisco Nearly 3 Times Over

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Animal Sedative Mixed With Fentanyl Brings Fresh Horror to U.S. Drug Zones

New York Times

Animal Sedative Mixed With Fentanyl Brings Fresh Horror to U.S. Drug Zones

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Solutions for the next generation of mobile drug tests

MIP Discovery is building a portfolio of research grade drugs of abuse affinity reagents for law enforcement, military and occupational health assays. They are rationally designed to detect some of the most challenging drugs and their metabolites, and optimised for rapid in-field testing devices.

Fill gaps in your assay panels with rationally designed reagents to the most potent drugs

The lack of quality biological reagents has left some testing panels with a gap, but since nanoMIPs are rationally designed and chemically manufactured, they can be developed to almost any target, without the need for an immune response. We asses over 600 unique building blocks to create synthetic affinity reagents targeting small drug molecules and their metabolites.

Quickly respond to designer drugs with rapidly scalable reagents

Our chemical manufacturing process allows for a rapid response to new market drivers including new designer drugs and mass scale epidemics such as the fentanyl crisis sweeping North America. Reagents can be designed to detect both the drug and its metabolites, and rapidly scaled due to the chemical manufacturing process of nanoMIPs.

Have confidence in the consistency of mobile testing devices

The animal free chemical production process of nanoMIPs delivers an ethical supply chain and introduces robust features. NanoMIPs are not impaired by fluctuating temperatures of different seasons or the varied conditions of law enforcement vehicles, essential for reliable road-side and in-field testing.

Drugs of Abuse Products

Norfentanyl nanoMIPs

Norfentanyl nanoMIPs have been designed to accurately detect the primary metabolite of fentanyl in sensor devices for in-field testing.

Product pipeline

We are rapidly expanding our portfolio of drugs of abuse targets. Review our pipeline and get in touch to highlight an individual need.

Custom development to your target of choice

If you are looking for a detection reagent to a specific drug target, MIP Discovery’s custom development service provides you with a personalised project, delivering a prototype material, and technical support to meet your individual needs and end application.

In-silico molecular modelling to assess the target and generate a template for imprinting.

Selection of the building blocks (monomers) and lab scale polymer synthesis to identify the lead candidate nanoMIP (s).

Analytical program to assess the nanoMIP (s) characteristics and deliver a prototype material.

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