Power-up your biosensor development with robust synthetic antibodies

nanoMIPs offer the possibility of enhanced sensitivity, specificity, and shelf life for your next sensor development

MIP Discovery now offer a catalogue of off-the-shelf nanoMIPs designed for sensor use

nanoMIPs are synthetic alternatives to antibodies that can easily be coupled to an electrode surface and deliver excellent performance in a variety of sensor types.

  • NanoMIPs easily couple to the solid surface of an electrode
  • NanoMIPs can withstand high temperatures and pressures, as well as the presence of organic solvents
  • Since MIPs are completely synthetic they can target anything from small molecules to whole viruses.

Off-the-shelf nanoMIPs now available for sampling:

Norfentanyl nanoMIPs

Norfentanyl nanoMIPs have been designed to accurately detect the primary metabolite of fentanyl in sensor devices for in-field testing. Prototype electrosensors have shown a limit of detection of <10 ng/ml and rapid time to results.

COVID-19 nanoMIPs

COVID-19 nanoMIPs have been integrated into various different sensor devices and have shown analytical sensitivities as low as <5 ng/ml. They also offer excellent selectivity to SARS-CoV-2 and batch to batch reproducibility.

Trypsin nanoMIPs

Trypsin nanoMIPs have been utilised in a proof of principle electrochemical sensor and have shown a linear range from 10  µL/mL to 100 µL/mL and a detection limit of ~10 µg/mL.