Molecularly Imprinted Polymers for commercial applications.

Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) are a synthetic alternative to antibodies with unique robustness characteristics.

Synthetic affinity reagents for diagnostics and healthcare.

MIP Discovery is the leading developer of non-biological affinity reagents, nanoMIPs, for diagnostics and healthcare applications. nanoMIP technology allows for the rapid development of polymer based affinity reagents targeted to small molecules, proteins and viruses, amongst other targets.

Rationally designed and chemically manufactured, nanoMIPs are completely animal free, offer simplified logistics, and can be developed much more rapidly than biological alternatives, such as antibodies. Alongside an advantageous supply chain, they also deliver on performance, continually demonstrating high specificity, sensitivity, and stability under extreme conditions.

Drugs of Abuse Testing

nanoMIPs are enabling the next generation of rapid, in-field drugs of abuse tests.

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Cell and Gene Therapy Solutions

nanoMIPs are supporting the industrialisation of cell and gene therapy processes and real time monitoring.

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How are Nanomips Made?

MIP Discovery’s patented development process allows for the rational design and chemical development of highly sensitive and specific synthetic affinity reagents.

Rationally Designed…

Firstly, we utilise our in-silico molecular modelling software to assess the target of interest and identify the most suitable regions of the surface to build the nanoMIP against. We then screen a library of monomers, the building blocks of a nanoMIP, against the target to identify those with the best characteristics to create a successful affinity reagent.

…and chemically manufactured

We then move to the wet lab, where a number of controlled polymerisations are carried out using mixtures of the monomers identified during the molecular modelling phase. The resulting nanoMIPs are then analysed and the leading composition(s) is then taken through to productization.

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Watch a 5 minute introduction to nanoMIPs

In this short video, Senior Scientist Rhiannon Johnson explains exactly what molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) are and the different ways in which they can be made.

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