Up Next: Advanced Therapies 2024

9th - 11th April | Rome, Italy

Meet our team at Meeting on the Med!

We are heading to Rome in April for the highly anticipated Meeting on the Med! If you are not familiar with us, MIP Discovery aims to deliver breakthroughs in viral vector manufacture using smart polymers: rationally designed synthetic affinity reagents which have been used to detect, isolate or capture a diverse range of targets. We have exemplified smart polymers with COVID spike protein, HIV gp120 protein and CD3, and are now addressing viral vector envelope proteins. Our pipeline includes:

  • Smart polymers for AAV and lentivirus titerĀ 
  • Smart polymers for AAV and lentivirus affinity chromatography
  • Smart polymers for PEI detection
  • Smart polymers for endotoxin detection and removalĀ 

Book a meeting with our team to chat about your current challenges in viral vector manufacture and explore new opportunities with smart polymers.