Download the COVID-19 Technical Brief



What’s inside?

Download this technical brief to access the full data set on our high sensitivity COVID-19 nanoMIP for sensors.

Limit of detection of 5 fg/ml for the RBD spike protein in a sensor platform

An affinity constant of ≤18 nM demonstrated by SPR

No cross reactivity to coronavirus variants 299E, HKU1 or OC43

Live virus detection in dot blot

Plus much more analysis!

MIP vs. Antibody comparison data now included!

Our COVID-19 technical brief now includes antibody comparison data. The side-by-side analysis compares the sensitivity performance of the MIP Diagnostics’ COVID-19 nanoMIP against a flagship antibody from a leading commercial supplier in a thermal resistance sensor platform. The sensor electrode with nanoMIPs immobilized demonstrates a limit of detection of <5fg/ml, 20 times lower than that of the electrode with the antibodies immobilized which shows 105fg/ml detection limit. Download the technical brief for the full data set.